Printed paper bags


Need printed paper bags for your business? We have all the technology to customize paper bags.


For small amounts:

The bags can be printed in silkscreen from 400 units, always using full cases.

The delivery of the bags screenprinted is 7 days from order confirmation.


You can customize bothpaper bagsasPlastic bags.

We now have a range ofoffer paper bagswith unbeatable prices and optimum quality. They twisted handle bags in different sizes, colors and media, suitable for all kinds of shops.

We also serve bags cord handle (high-end bags) printed with the logo of your store, within 10 days.


For medium to large quantities:

For large amounts flexographic machines have to create paper bags completely to your liking. In medium and large quantities (from 3,000 bags) first printed paper rolls, and then a paper bag, so that we can adjust to your needs in terms of number of inks, measures of the bag, finished bag, etc. .. loop type.